Kyle Langlois performs in the orchestra pit for the Unity House Players' production of Godspell

​​​​​ June 2023 

​More than excited to announce my newest single "Ace of Spades!" Through this song, I discuss my journey through self-exploration, identity, and love of all shapes and sizes. I knew I also had to release this during Pride Month because I do hope my music is able to help others who need a supportive voice. Love is love; you do it your way, and I'll do it my way! "Ace of Spades" is available to stream/download wherever you get your music!

Kyle Langlois produces a song for Alex Rohan

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"Ace of Spades" by Kyle Langlois Music
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Kyle Langlois performs in the orchestra pit for the Unity House Players' production of Matilda
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"Be" by Kyle Langlois Music

​​​ April 2023 

​The Unity House Players closed out "Matilda" after a brief hiatus, and I am so thankful to have been a part of it! However, we keep moving on and on, and the Unity House Players are excited to present "Godspell," with me and some of my incredibly talented friends and community members in the pit band! 

​​​​​​ June 2023 

Four songs were written after finishing grad school, re-adapting and re-adjusting to my old life, and preparing for the journey ahead, and I am so hyped to say those four songs are out in the world! 
My new EP "Be" is a collection of thoughts, experiences, and truths set to original music in the folk/Americana/pop world! I am super excited to share this music with you, and you can listen to them now anywhere you buy music. 

​​ February 2023 

I am super excited to play guitar for the Unity House Players' production of "Matilda!" Under

the Music Direction of Elizabeth Weber (my

old piano teacher!), the orchestra pit includes keyboard, trumpet, trombone, reeds, cello, guitar, bass, and percussion. It sounds great and the show is amazing! 

​​​ March 2023 

​Lately, I have been working with the talented local artist and BMI-registered songwriter Alex Rohan on some new music! This is the first time producing a song from start to finish for someone else, and we have been able to make some really cool music together! From Alex - "Huge shout out to @kylelangloismusic for his humble and inspiring work on the production. We think very much alike and are really looking forward to this release!" "The Last Time" will be released soon - check it out at